Doing Business on the Go

Show : Business on the Go: Mobility as a Competitive Advantage
Guest : Amedeo Tarzia, SVP of Mobiltiy and Wireless Solutions for Sage Software  
: Saturday May 5, 2007

 We all have cell phones, pdas and other mobile devices. Most of the time we use them to make calls and view email. But are we really using them as much as we can from a strategic perspective? Today's services and devices are capable of much more than what we typically use them for. Amedeo Tarzia, Sage Software's SVP of Mobility and Wireless Solutions, talks about how companies are now beginning to view mobility as an important part of business strategy, way beyond checking email and making calls.  Plus check out Michael's answer to how he would handle "tough love" from the marketing side of the house if he were on the sales team.  And there's still time to help us make the show better and earn a chance to win a BlackBerry 8800!

Amedeo Tarzia was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager for Sage Software’s newly created Mobile & Wireless Solutions Division in September of 2006. Amedeo is responsible for designing and executing Mobile & Wireless product strategies that have placed Sage at the forefront of this newly burgeoning industry.

Amedeo comes to Sage Software as part of the Corum Mobile Software acquisition where he was President and CEO of Corum Corporation. He has over 20 years of experience bringing to market innovative technologies including Mobile CRM. He has a proven track record of building and managing strong software delivery organizations that produce unparalleled, industry-leading software applications.


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