Email Deliverability with Return Path's Matt Blumberg

Show : Getting Your Email Messages Through the Filter
Guest : Matt Blumberg, CEO of
Return Path
: Saturday May 12, 2007

The majority of emails you get are either junk, unsolicited or unsolicited junk. With most of us feeling under siege by email overload, how confident are you that emails you send to customers and prospects are getting past the filter and into the inbox? Matt Blumberg, ceo of email deliverability firm Return Path, helps us understand the challenges of making it through the filter and how you can increase the odds of hitting your target.


Matt Blumberg founded Return Path in 1999 back when he had more hair on his head, less hair on his face, and all of it was brown. He started the company because he knew that the world needed a better way of handling email change of address (the company's first product). Matt is passionate about making the online relationship between end users and marketers/market researchers better for both sides of the equation. It is with great pride that he has watched this initial creation grow into a 100-plus person company with market leading brands, innovative products, multiple patents, and renowned industry experts on staff in three different areas of the commercial email industry.

In his prior lives, Matt ran marketing, product management, and the Internet group for MovieFone, Inc. (acquired by AOL, and yes, he does know the guy with the voice); he served as an associate with private equity firm General Atlantic Partners, and he was a consultant with Mercer Management Consulting. While all great jobs, none was nearly as fun as his current gig.

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