Show: Life Online with Bob Parsons
Guest: Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of
Aired: Sunday November 26th 2006

Bob ParsonsBob Parsons, CEO of will be our guest.  It's not too often you have the opportunity to talk with someone who's built a wildly successful business from one employee to over one thousand.  Bob Parsons has done it twice.  Selling his first company, Parsons Technologies, to Intuit in the mid 1990s before founding  Hear how he did it, his thoughts on how small businesses can leverage the web to succeed, how he uses his blog and Internet radio show to connect with customers, and his advice to us on who a good spokesperson would be for the show.  Considering GoDaddy recently named Danica Patrick as their latest spokesperson, you may be surprised at who he picks for us.  I know we were...

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