Anil Dash on Small Business Blogging

Show:    How You Can Blog Your Way to More Business   
Guest:   Anil Dash, VP of Evangelism, Six Apart 
Aired: Sunday February 4th, 2007  

Entrepreneur magazine recently state that blogging is quickly becoming a business staple. But many small businesses owners are skeptical about how blogging will bring them more business. Join us as Anil Dash of Six Apart, the makers of popular blogging tools like TypePad, Movable Type and Vox, explains how blogging can lead to more business opportunities and better relationships with customers and prospects.  Also we chat with Jeff Haynie, CEO and founder of, about the upcoming SoCon 07 un-conference taking place in Atlanta February 10th.

Anil Dash is a recognized expert on the weblog medium and on the blogging industry, having appeared on television, radio and print in addition to having founded one of the earliest and most popular weblogs on the Internet. In addition, Anil has given presentations around the world speaking about the future of the weblog medium, the relationship between blogs and journalism, and business blogging.

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