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Mahalo's Jason Calacanis on Human Search, Google and Web 3.0

Posted by Brent Leary on Sun, Oct 14, 2007 @ 10:07 PM
Show :Human Search, Google and Web 3.0
Guest : Jason Calacanis, founder and ceo of
Aired : Sunday October 14th, 2007

Jason CalacanisRobert Scoble of Scobleizer fame did a series of video blogs a while back that really drummed up a lot of attention on how SEO-resistant sites like Mahalo, TechMeme and Facebook were going to "kick Google's butt" in four years.  To find out why human powered search results will give Google and the other search engines a run for their money we went right to the source. founder and ceo Jason Calacanis fills us in on how Mahalo is using humans to deliver higher quality search results and discusses why search engine optimization professionals aren't too happy with him.  Jason also talks about why his definition of Web 3.0 has stirred up controversy, and also shares his thoughts on why the economy may be on the downturn.

Plus check out Brent's rant on why DirecTV's VP Ellen Filipiak is committing another tragic case of Customer Relationship Mis-management, and Paul Greenberg's take on the situation.

Jason McCabe Calacanis is CEO and founder of Mahalo.  He also was CEO and co-founder of Weblogs Inc., a network of widely read blogs including Engadget – ranked # 1 by Technorati - Joystiq, Autoblog, and Blogging Baby. Founded in January of 2004, Weblogs, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL in November of 2005. Calacanis, who was appointed a senior vice president of AOL, maintains editorial supervision over Weblogs, Inc. In June of 2006, Calacanis and relaunched Netscape, the iconic browser owned by AOL and was named its general manager.

Prior to forming Weblogs Inc., Calacanis was CEO and founder of Rising Tide Studios, a media company that published print and online publications including the Silicon Alley Reporter, a must-read monthly that chronicled New York’s internet and new media industries. The company also produced of high-profile industry specific conferences in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. After the industry consolidated, the company’s flagship publication changed its focus and became Venture Reporter, which was purchased by Dow Jones.

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��You wouldn��t like to stay behind without mother, should you, Lucy?��<br /><br />��Well, Bessy!�� said Mrs. Glegg, with a bitter smile and a scarcely perceptible toss of her head, ��I should ha�� thought you��d known your own sister better. I never did eat between meals, and I��m not going to begin. Not but what I hate that nonsense of having your dinner at half-past one, when you might have it at one. You was never brought up in that way, Bessy.��<br /><br /><br />Mrs. Glegg held her large gold watch in her hand with the many-doubled chain round her fingers, and observed to Mrs. Tulliver, who had just returned from a visit to the kitchen, that whatever it might be by other people��s clocks and watches, it was gone half-past twelve by hers.<br />��But I wanted you to have it; you know I did,�� said Maggie, in an injured tone.<br />Yap agitated his ears and wrinkled his brows, but declined to plunge, trying whether barking would not answer the purpose just as well.<br /><br />��I can��t say, I��m sure, sister,�� said Mrs. Deane, shutting her lips close again, and looking at Maggie with a critical eye.<br />Maggie��s was a troublous life, and this was the form in which she took her opium.<br /><br />��Ah, but if you got nothing to eat for ever so long?�� said Tom, his imagination becoming quite active under the stimulus of that dread. ��When I��m a man, I shall make a boat with a wooden house on the top of it, like Noah��s ark, and keep plenty to eat in it �� rabbits and things �� all ready. And then if the flood came, you know, Bob, I shouldn��t mind. And I��d take you in, if I saw you swimming,�� he added, in the tone of a benevolent patron.<br /><br />��Very well,�� said Mr. Tulliver, rather sharply, ��I��ve no objections to tell anybody what I mean to do with him. I��ve settled,�� he added, looking toward Mr. Glegg and Mr. Deane �� ��I��ve settled to send him to a Mr. Stelling, a parson, down at King��s Lorton, there �� an uncommon clever fellow, I understand, as��ll put him up to most things.��<br />

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